Together-We-Heal, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit corporation. We set it up originally to bring in donations for cancer patients to be able to attend our cancer retreats we ran in the North GA mountains in the early 90s. Since then it has remained more or less dormant but we are giving life to it for yet another good cause:

We have proven over the years that forgiveness and self-forgiveness brings a peace to those in pain caused by whatever events have occurred in their lives.

Few people can be in more pain over what has happened to them, and the things they have done to others, than those serving long sentences in prison for murder.

In April 2014, my wife and I, along with Dinny Evans, one of our senior coaches, made a visit to San Quentin State Prison. I had received a letter from a young prisoner who was in for life, asking me to make contact with him and a number of others who had read my book, Radical Forgiveness.

They were hoping there might be a way to run a program for them around Radical Forgiveness. We contacted the prison and finally gained clearance to go in and talk to the inmates about this.

Mike, the young guy in for murder and with no chance of parole, had already been doing RF groups. He was over the moon that we came to visit, and we attended one of his groups. It was amazing to listen to these guys tell their stories andheart-wrenching at the same time.

Most of them had had terrible childhood stories to tell and yet they were full of forgiveness for those who had hurt them sobadly, as well as compassion and empathy for those they had hurt.

Long story short, Dinny now has clearance to go in on a regular basis to conduct a Radical Forgiveness Program for the prisoners. There’s a great deal of interest in it throughout the prison and prisoners are clamoring for an opportunity to be a member of Dinny’s group. Some of them are so fired up about it they actually want to become Radical Living Coaches.

So far, Dinny has committed to going in there to run the RF Program two Mondays in every month plus other times when the students graduate from other programs just to support them. (Sometimes she goes all the way down there only to find they are in lockdown and she can’t go in.)

As with everything, this project costs money. Dinny gets nothing from San Quentin, of course, Up to now she has been paying the expense of travelling to and from (4 hours drive both ways and an overnight stay), not to mention the time and money this takes away from her real estate business, out of her own pocket.

Prisoners as Radical Living Coaches
Mindful of how this work could be expanded and the possibility of prisoners actually being certified as Radical LivingCoaches, I thought people like you might like to be involved in supporting the project by donating a small amount each month, (or a one time donation) via Paypal, into our 501c3 non-profit corporation, ‘Together-We-Heal.’

As we build up the fund, we will pay Dinny, Mel Rosenthall up there in Pennsylvania who has been doing this for years,and others for their time and expenses as well as provide the training for the prisoners.  You’ll be able to write it off as a donation

Neither Dinny or Mel asked for financial assistance with these expenses, but I think you would agree with me that their generosity in time and effort should be recognized and supported.

And, let’s not forget what it means to the prisoners to have people like Dinny and Mel doing this. It is a God-send for them, there’s no question about it. They appreciate it very much.

And let’s not overlook what the prisoners are doing for us. They are mirroring for us our own shadow side, i.e. the criminal tendency within all of us. When we forgive them, we forgive ourselves. In that sense, if you care to donate a small amount of money each month to support this project, you would be donating to yourself.  It would be great to use it as an opportunity for self-acceptance, not to mention gratitude for them having volunteered to be our shadow waiting to be healed.

Is There a Prison Near You?
We are also hoping that you will not only be willing to make a financial contribution, but that you will be inspired to try to get some books into a prison near you, if there is one. We have plenty of books we can send in if you get the necessary permission. It’s not easy to obtain, but you have to be persistent.

Adopt a Prisoner Program
There’s no doubt in my mind that prisoners everywhere would love to experience the power of Radical Forgiveness, so we are thinking of starting an ‘Adopt a Prisoner Program.’

It would be like a ‘pen-pal’ relationship where you agree to write back and forth, say once a month for a certain specified length of time (say 12 months), so the prisoner would have someone to share their story with who would not judge him (or her, though I am thinking of San Quentin inmates initially). It would be a good opportunity, too, for you to practice acceptance and compassion. If this is something that would interest you, please click here and fill out the form to let us know.

But, what we need now is money to support the project so that those who, like Dinny, give generously of their time to do this work each month, can be compensated at least to the extent that their expenses are covered. If the Adopt-a-Prisoner Program takes off, we will need to pay someone to organize that and keep it running properly. (Might this be you? If that appeals to you, let me know.)

If we have touched your heart and you want to help us out in not only keeping this going but building into a full-blown national program with Radical Forgiveness being taught in hundreds of prisons, click the Donate Button below.